Cash in Transit

A local convenience retailer with over 120 stores in the south of England were looking to undertake a review of their long-standing arrangements for cash in transit services to identify if cost efficiencies and improvements in service could be achieved.


The Challenge

The retailer was in a long-term contractual partnership lasting more than 5 years and had no clear overarching view of the cost base, or the cost drivers behind it and lacked any management information to be able to track the process and its cost effectiveness.

The challenge for Hawtrey Dene was first to map the current process and build an accurate base case, then to conduct a review of the market to identify and deliver cost savings and improvements in service levels and efficiency of process.

The Approach

By carrying out a full audit of the operation and the commercial arrangements that underpin it, Hawtrey Dene were able to construct a base case for an ‘as is’ model and challenge the status quo, to identify where improvements could be made.

The improved model was then put to the market in a competitive and transparent tender process to select the best provider to deliver it.

The Solution

A global provider of security services was selected with a proven track record of success that were able to leverage their size and service area to deliver savings to the cost of service and work to stringent SLAs and KPIs to ensure the client received the level of service they required.

The Benefits

  • 30% annual saving on costs
  • Greater efficiency in process
  • Improved management information visibility
  • A more stringent level of service agreement
  • Contract in place
  • SRM and Reviews

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