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A highly successful British lifestyle brand with over 150 stores worldwide were looking to review their options in light of their insurance programme at renewal. They wished to benchmark fees and costs as well as review coverage and look at innovations and approaches provided by broker relationships.


The Challenge

Insurance renewals provide an opportunity to review both the strategic approach to risk management and policy coverage but also broker relationship and strategic partnership options.

Due to rapid growth in overseas markets, the insurance programme for their client had become disconnected from the realities of their expanding risk profile, leaving them vulnerable in key areas.

The challenge for Hawtrey Dene was not only to reduce and align the cost of the insurance premiums but to ensure a programme that was fit for purpose with a broker who would work in a strategic partnership to manage risks and regularly challenge and review them.

The Approach

Working in collaboration with our client, we ran a full review of the insurance market, we invited brokers to build an insurance programme from scratch to judge their ability to understand the needs, think creatively and provide a proactive approach to risk and account management.

We invited a shortlist to a second stage of negotiation, looking in detail at the cost drivers of insurance premiums to ensure the very best rates were secured.

The Solution

A partnership with a broker who had global reach via a wide network of partners overseas, and who offered the benefit of lower premiums and a comprehensive risk management programme was secured.

A new programme now provides increased, targeted cover, filling the gaps in the previous programme, at a lower cost overall.

We also designed and implemented a profit share between the broker and the client where the broker tracked and then shared with the client the commissions earned at each point through the entire underwriting chain.

We also secured funding of ongoing risk management training and a full risk management assessment for our client.

The Benefits

  • 25% annual saving.
  • Greater cover at a reduced premium overall.
  • Comprehensive risk management programme introduced.
  • Profit share agreement put in place.
  • Insurance programme that is fit for purpose and covers all the risks the client faces as a business.

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