Marketing (PPC)

An opportunity was identified by Hawtrey Dene to review a global client’s international Pay Per Click spend given the client concerns over service quality and the need for a more competitive commercial model as online sales and values increased.


The Challenge

The client had engaged with different PPC agencies across all markets with large inconsistencies between each including:

  • Different payment models and terms
  • Range of fees and fee structures
  • 5 agencies across 5 markets
  • Fragmented multi-mullion pound spend
  • Limited KPIs that linked to performance

The Approach

The process began with an internal review to ensure that all stakeholders were engaged to understand their key objectives and a robust fact base was built up around the current processes, agencies, commercials and contracts.

The next step was to ensure the right global agency was selected through a pitch process involving agencies identified as capable of meeting requirements.

Following agency selection and contracting, market roll out then commenced globally.

The Solutions

Consolidation from five agencies to one agency.

Introduction of pay for performance commercial model.

The Benefits

  • 30% savings achieved through agency consolidation and introduction of pay for performance model to ensure agencies objectives were aligned to those of the business.
  • Furthermore, control was enhanced through strong KPIs, clear unit costs and waste minimised through standardisation of requirements and campaigns.
  • The next stage will be to bring PPC in-house to realise further efficiencies for the client.

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