Print & Marketing Audit

The UK’s largest jewellery retailer required a specialist to review and evaluate the commercial models and service provided by the incumbent print managers and to undertake a complete marketing operations review.


The Challenge

Stakeholders with a key influence on Marketing Operations covered 8 departments and two separate brands departments including marketing, buying, merchandising, visual merchandising, display, PR, research and finance. Keen interest from the board and involvement of the Directors of each department.

Multiple agencies and marketing service providers with different contracts.
Complex internal process from goods selection to launch in store.

The Approach

Spent two weeks interviewing key stakeholders, getting an in depth understanding of the business process and challenges. Analysed the print and paper cost and verified the saving.
Identified significant opportunities for process improvement within the marketing function and communication improvement between departments.
Identified one business critical point of failure for immediate address.
Presented findings back to Marketing and Commercial Directors.

The Solution

Created the RFP and RFQ documents for procurement to manage a tender of the marketing print management.

Renegotiated on behalf of the client a cost reduction and secure commercial model with the incumbent ticketing supplier.

Helped implement the initial process changes.

Assisted with the scoping, interviewing and appointment of a marketing operations manager to help deliver the ongoing process improvements required.

The Benefits

A saving of over 20% was delivered on the marketing print spend and the changes in process drove measurable operational efficiency.
Hawtrey Dene were retained to review process and cost in the display area of the business and latterly provided 9 months interim cover for a new role of Head of Marketing Operations.

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