Print & Marketing Audit

The procurement team at one of the UK’s leading mobile communication companies required specialist support to run the audit and tender process for their mature marketing and transactional print management contracts. The combined spend was in excess of £10m.


The Challenge

  • The contract was mature and had been re-tendered 3x previously
  • There were over 62 internal stakeholders
  • We took over from a previous consultant who it was felt would not deliver
  • We had a three month window to complete the process
  • There were technically complex print and technology requirements which needed specifying

The Approach

Implemented the 7 step Audit Process for Marketing Print, collaborating closely with and sharing the tasks between Hawtrey Dene and the internal procurement manager. The 7 steps are spend analysis review; Stakeholder Engagement; Supplier selection; RFP creation and issue; RFP/RFQ review and analysis; supplier presentation; contract negotiation.

We analysed the spend and engaged the key stakeholders to understand what worked currently, what didn’t and what in an ideal world they would like. The appropriate suppliers were qualified and shortlisted and an RFP and RFQ document created. The RFQ reflected accurately the majority of the annual spend in order to ensure identified savings were deliverable. The RFP was succinct and relevant to stakeholders requirements.

Hawtrey Dene reviewed and scored the submissions with the procurement manager and participated in the presentation panel

The Solution

The first 6 steps were completed within three months from start to finish and a significant saving agreed including a reduction in the overhead and cost of service. An innovative, commercially robust, fully open book remuneration model was agreed with the successful print management company (who was actually the incumbent).

The Benefits

  • Saving of 12% on the Marketing print costs
  • Reduction in the cost of service by 25%
  • Transparency of costs including rebates
  • Continuity of service

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