Travel Management

Only 1-5% of business travel expenditure can be directly affected by looking at the fees paid to travel agents for the service model in place. Almost all travel expenditure is the travel itself. The key to reducing it is an entirely behavioural and cultural one. Travel policy and compliance is key:

  • Are your bookers self-enabled?
  • Do they understand fare and ticket types?
  • And critically, do they treat company money as if it were their own?

The Challenge

  • The Client required a travel management company that provided excellent customer service and account management, proactively managing their international travel requirements to reduce fares and drive policy compliance. Cultural fit and shared corporate values were also critical.

The Approach

We worked collaboratively with client bookers to run and fully competitive review and pricing exercise across the travel market.

Using a range of exercises and workshops to assess supplier ability, proactively and flexibility we were able to select partners for our clients who now work with them to drive down the cost of travel.

We also negotiated very competitive fee structures, helped them to adapt their travel policy, gear it towards cost reduction and put together a plan to drive improved online adoption.

We further put in place fixed price global hotel night rates and partner programs with selected airlines.

The Solution

Our clients now have a travel management provider who shares their cultural values and work proactively every day to drive cost savings in the competitive marketplace.

They’ve also been equipped with the tools to instill a culture across their businesses that looks critically at business travel and understands how to control cost more effectively and sustainably.

The Benefits

  • A travel partner who proactively seeks to innovatively drive down costs.
  • Outstanding customer service and account management relationship and reporting.
  • A robust and fit for purpose travel policy and regular reviews.
  • The tools to create a culture where cutting travel expenditure becomes second nature for stakeholders.

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