An Early “Merry Christmas”

by Hawtrey Dene

This year, building on interaction and engagement with the charity during 2018, Hawtrey Dene Group are making a donation to the Albert Kennedy Trust in lieu of posting out Christmas Cards – so to friends, family and clients reading this, Merry Christmas in advance. Rest assured, we’ll still get our usual card designed (this year look out for the two new additions…) by it will very much be an e-affair as we felt the money would be better focused helping others.

The Albert Kennedy Trust offers support for LGBT+ youth who are made or at the risk of homelessness due to community or familial rejection or other circumstances. It was founed in 1989 and in 2019 celebrate their 30th anniversary. Hawtrey Dene Group have chosen the AKT as their nominated charity for 2019 and will be supporting them with staff volunteer time, professional pro bono support and direct fundraising and donations.

  • 24% of homeless youth population identify as LGBT (2015, AKT)
  • Centrepoint identified that 150,000 (approx.) young people are living in hostile environments / homeless (2016, Centrepoint)
  • 77% of LGBT youth homelessness could be preventable; as caused by familial rejection, abuse and ejection from home
  • Impact on LGBT young people’s health, wellbeing, safety and life chances (education, employment) much greater than their peers
  • Cost to state: £24-30k pa to return to safety. AKT’s Purple Door emergency and longer term housing project costs £100k per annum to operate (funded completely by corporate and individual donations) saved the state £1.5m in first 18 months.

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