Business Transformation

Business Process Transformation

We constructively challenge the status quo, working closely with your stakeholders to identify and scope the desired outcomes and exploring ‘how else’ can we get there whilst maintaining or improving the quality and experience for the customer. Whether offline or online, across sectors and for goods and/or services, our fresh thinking, innovative approach and enthusiasm to capture best practice as well as looking for new ways of working mean we get results that are both measurable and sustainable. Our legacy is important to us and we want to know that what we do sticks with your organisation and is carried forward by those with whom we’ve worked.

We appreciate that consultancy hasn’t always got a great reputation; we share the cynicism and almost all of the team have worked on the in-house side of the fence before joining Hawtrey Dene. We appreciate what makes consultancy support work, how to make sure we get the best from your stakeholders and how we quickly map and understand your organisation. We do the heavy lifting so your teams focus on the day job, ensuring that at every step of the journey we are aligned with them and they feel in control and included.

Across the full range of operational areas we help understand the current issues and emerging challenges and develop new ways to face , embrace, mitigate or remove them. We deliver people focused improvements that help improve the bottom line in a clearly measurable way to ensure you can see exactly what you’ve got for what you’ve paid. It shouldn’t be complicated and we always try and cut to the chase; we’ve got the fancy slides if you want them but our record speaks for itself; we get stuck in and we deliver.

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