Cost Transformation

Cost Transformation and Reduction

Our business was built around cost transformation and reduction and the delivery of our core services are all driven by and underpinned by these  objectives every day, on every project.

We don’t say just ‘cost reduction’ as it’s more than that and true value isn’t always about paying less. Transforming costs is about value, true value, it’s about ensuring that what is being paid for is designed efficiently, scoped well, targeted to deliver the required outcome or service the end user and constantly measured and refined. It’s based around data, information, trust and partnership, it should be an ongoing journey and doesn’t end with the signing of a contract.

We start with the opposite end from the cost, with the output or end result that money spent is seeking to meet or deliver, by asking what it is that is actually required – what are we seeking to do, to achieve, by incurring this cost? Whether it’s a finished product or the delivery of a service whether it’s the quality of finish of the paintwork in a handbag store on 5th Avenue or the temperature range of new HVAC in an office refurb in St Petersburg, the price of a ream of paper or the value in next day delivery for champagne.

In all situations and engagements we look at what is trying to be achieved, what is currently done to achieve that outcome, what is thought to be needed now, what other choices exist and how else can we get there; working with stakeholders, suppliers, the wider market and basing choices and change on data and facts.

We’re big fans of the ‘iceberg’ where the bit above the waves is the price or total ‘seen’ cost and underneath all the drivers of that cost, each contributing to and influencing the  price overall. We use a variety of leavers, data, methodologies and engagement techniques to ensure that we work through the total cost drivers of a category to identify and unpick the key components. We might start with some of our market data, harvested from like for like projects, or workshops across the supply chain, to start to map things out and get a clearer picture so we can start to work on each piece.

This forensic part of our job is one of the most exciting parts, its discovering the unknown and mapping the known; apologies for the cliché but it’s really about ‘thinking outside the box’ and we learn as much from your teams and your supply chain as we bring to them. There’s always a hidden depth of ideas, talent and burning desire for change within any organisation, we help harness it and unleash it to the best effect.

Cost Transformation is more of an output than a service; elements of all of our core services bring about a change in the cost base as well as a realignment of delivery methods, processes and operational outputs to make things better. We pride ourselves on making change work and doing that by bringing stakeholders along with us; our business is people focused and is about helping people change their behaviour and that of the organisation to deliver better outcomes, underpinned with best value and a transformed cost base.

We’re delighted that we hold long term relationships with many of our clients, some since we started in 2010. We believe that is because we approach things differently, always putting the client first and adapting our offer to meet the organisational needs to deliver agreed solutions and targets.


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