Insourced Procurement

Outsourced / Insourced Procurement

It’s a bit of both but it really works. Where clients don’t have a core procurement team or it needs building up, often at the end of a transformation project, we will evaluate what they need to ensure robust adherence to the policies and procedures we’ve put in place for them. Sometimes it will mean recruiting FTEs and building the core team, and alongside this we will evaluate the options for a more flexible model of us providing both dedicated and flexible resource, based on site and remotely to give the optimum cost and delivery efficiency. We call this our Outsourced Insourced model (I/OP) as we take your existing team, or provide new resources, and working on a clear project plan we build what you need to deliver everything including contract management, strategic sourcing, supplier sign up and SRM.

We become your procurement team, managing your spend and the processes that achieve best value aligned to the agreed objectives and targets we set with you. In place of (we have even successfully TUPE’d staff) or alongside your procurement team we provide a seamless service that looks, acts and feels like part of your business. The I/OP approach allows us to build in flexibility for contracting cycles without you carrying resource in quieter periods and allowing our category experts to come in and support specific projects where needed.

Every client is different and we don’t offer a ready made service, rather the core competencies and experience to build a model that works for you and your team.

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