Recruitment Support and Interim Support

Procurement Recruitment

Who better to help fill a procurement role than procurement specialists? As part of a wider cost review project or as a standalone piece of work, we can help you scope out the resource you need and identify the right person to fit your organisation. Working with partners in recruitment we will ensure you get the right rates, cut the CV’s to ensure a shortlist that fits the individual specification and your organisational culture, and plan and manage the interview schedule heling you make the right choice.

Whether for a full time resource or on a fixed term contract, we have relationships with interim and recruitment agencies as well as an extensive network and hold regular procurement events which help us to meet candidates and freelancers to keep these networks current and relevant. It’s not something we do every day, more something that we’ve been asked for and seems a natural fit alongside our core services. To date we’ve helped clients recruit CPO’s, Procurement Leads, managers and entry level roles and we’d be delighted to help your search whether a current or future client or as a standalone project.

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