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Time With Angie Robinson, CEO, Manchester Central Convention Complex

by Hawtrey Dene on 20 July 2016

Sowing the Seed sat down with Angie Robinson, CEO of Manchester Central Convention Complex to discuss what its like running one of the largest business in the North-West as well as her former positions at Chamber of Commerce in  Greater Manchester and investment agency Midas.   Sowing the Seed (STS): Can you please tell us a little […]

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Time With Mark Newton-Jones, CEO, Mothercare Plc

by Hawtrey Dene on 22 March 2016

Sowing the Seed sat down with Mark Newton-Jones, CEO at Mothercare Plc, to discuss merchandise and non-merchandise procurement, how a car seat is “proving a point to the consumers” and how he has seen the retail business change, during his 30 year career that started on the shop floor at 12 years old. Sowing the Seed: […]

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Time with Simon Biltcliffe, CEO, Webmart Ltd

by Hawtrey Dene on 25 February 2016

Following the Sowing the Seed event at the House of Commons on Monday 22nd February, they sat down with guest speaker Simon Biltcliffe, CEO, Webmart Ltd, to discuss Marxist Capitalism, working out what your ‘Enough’ is and the secret to creating a long lasting, successful award winning business. Sowing the Seed: You were the guest […]

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Executive Assistant Dinner

by Elizabeth McDowell on 26 January 2016

If there was an award for the job title that struggled accurately to reflect the duties of the person holding it, ‘Executive Assistant’ would surely win.  In today’s businesses, EAs are an indispensable force providing essential support to Directors and Managers way beyond the secretarial tasks their job titles were borne out of. Here at […]

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Time with Lynne Turner, Global Finance Director, Christie’s

by Hawtrey Dene on 19 January 2016

Our colleagues at Sowing the Seed sat down with Lynne Turner, the Global Finance Director at Christie’s, to discuss what procurement looks like at Christie’s, record breaking art, and how a year “ticking things off my bucket list” lead to her chairing the fundraising committee for the Microloan Foundation and the conception of the Wild […]

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